Solder sucker

In this video I show you how to use a OK Industries De-soldering Pump. Use a OK Industries De-soldering. Shop with confidence on eBay!

In electronics, desoldering is the removal of solder and components from a circuit board for. A desoldering pump, colloquially known as a solder sucker , is a manually-operated device which is used to remove solder from a printed circuit . It endeavors to provide the products that you .

Aluminum durable body solder sucker , de-soldering pump with self-cleaning shaft made in Japan. Ideal for desoldering SMD rework. The Solder Vacuum, a great (and sometimes under appreciated) little tool for. The piston pops up and the solder disappears!

An RS Pro general purpose hand held de- solder pump. This particular pump features a knurled main body section to give an excellent grip. But my other question is how well do those spring loaded solder suckers work?

I was thinking about perhaps ordering one off of e-bay.

This is an aluminium solder sucker for the removal of surplus molten solder during desoldering and soldering operations. The surplus molten solder is sucked . Buy the latest solder sucker desoldering pump GearBest. Place the tip of the nozzle against the solder you . The old solder is instantly sucked away. This Toledo Desoldering Pump is also known as a Solder Sucker and is used to for the safe and easy removal of molten solder during soldering work. We specialize in Metal Joining Technology including Soldering and desoldering tools, SMT rework stations and solder suckers.

Searching for solder sucker Soldering Accessories? Log-in or register for your pricing. High performance cleaning tool which offers excellent suction for solder removal. Average Customer Review: (Reviews) Write A Review . This high quality desoldering pump, featuring an anti-static tip, has a sleek aluminum body and is ideal for any soldering project. SOLDRON Black Aluminium Body Desoldering Pump Solder Sucker Iron Remover Tool.

S-993A 220V Electric Solder Sucker Soldering Iron Desoldering Gun. Spring loaded desoldering pump is a simple yet effective tool for removing solder during electronics repair and rework. Ver traducciones en inglés y español con pronunciaciones de audio, ejemplos y traducciones palabra por palabra. So today I was removing some solder from a PCB that I was playing with, and everything was too small for the solder pump, or solder sucker as .