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Profesionales y aficionados de DIY por igual confían en las herramientas de iFixit para completar el trabajo. Armed with the data from hundreds of teardowns and thousands of repair guides, our teardown . Fixit Pro Tech Toolkit – Kit de herramientas Pro Tech Reparar . Identificador de producto del fabricante ‎: ‎IF145-. NHkkD3LJkbA Similares jun.

Subido por zollotech We take a look at the essential tools for repairing your electronic devices. Fixit was nice enough to send me the Pro Tech Tool Kit to review. My sloppy review of this thing.

Please Open Description For more Info! The Pro Tech Toolkit is the industry standard for electronics repairs. Whether you are starting a repair business or just a DIY hobbyist, this kit has all the tools for . Shop with confidence on eBay!

Getting your first toolkit is a rite of passage when you become an adult. This all-in-one package packs tools to help . With Christmas drawing close, you may be searching for gifts for family, friends, and colleagues, in which case the folks at iFixit have a few tasty . Fixit also offers the Pro Tech Toolkit at the more expensive price of $65. The iFitIt Pro Tech Base Toolkit (Image: iFixIt ). This means I am always taking something apart an often, . The ultimate DIY toolkit has arrived in the form of the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit , equipped with the tools necessary to tackle every repair . Hello everyone, I am looking for a tech toolkit , and ifixit seems to be the go to place for toolkits. However, they look overpriced for $and I. From iPods to Fitbits, gizmos keep getting smaller.

Fixit , the people that rip apart brand new electronics for your amusement to show you how to fix them, makes its own toolkit , and you can get it . High Performance Toolkit for All Things Repair The perfect toolkit for pros to average joes. It has all sorts of bits, drivers and even . What we think: As far as toolkits go, this is hands down the best electronics toolkit on the market. The all-new and all-powerful Pro Tech Toolkit is ideal for every DIYer, fixer, hacker, hobbyist and professional.

I see that ifixit has some deals on some tools on their website, and I am.

I have a two ifixit tool kits , and they are great, tons of bits that do fit . Join Massdrop to discover the latest details on iFixit Universal Bit Kit, iFixit Bit Driver Kit and . After working and doing electronics repairs for several years I . The Classic Pro Tech Toolkit , designed by iFixit using the tool data from the thousands of free repair manuals on iFixit.