Battle belt

All nylon tactical gear and SWAT tactical gear products are listed here. Our belt systems are contoured to dramatically increase wearer comfort when carrying weight on the hips. Offered in ballistic and non-ballistic versions, our belts. The Condor battle belt was designed to provide extra real-estate for modular attachments, be used in conjunction with our 2- H-Harness, work as light and.

Lightweight, comfortable, and adaptable to a wide range of holsters and accessory.

Battle Belt highspeedgear. The ATS Tactical Gear War Belt offers a fresh perspective on the padded first line belt. Long gone are the days of an old LC-belt with a cobbled together . Designed with the operator in min this versatile . The Tactical Tailor Fight Light line of tactical gear features the same combat tested designs as our regular gear but in a lighter, FR lined package! The UGF Belt is a light weight two piece platform.

Specifically designed with the shooter in mind.

Buy MOLLE compatible battle belts. Metal suspender loops for use with Nuprol Low Profile and MOLLE Belt Harnesses. High quality clips and clasps. The comfort of a traditional battle belt with a slim profile that can still be concealed beneath appropriate cover garments and jackets.

It eliminates the problem of . Base price is $20 add options below to make it your own. This item is a commodity, where all the individual items are effectively identical. The SRT tactical belt was built from countless hours of product testing and evaluation. Offering an effective and comfortable platform for.

Looking for the ultimate home defense setup? It keeps everything you need and makes it easily . Now you can purchse them separately and integrate . This item can be found in the Militia Crate or you can buy it on the Steam Marketplace. Our new tapered War Belt is the pinnacle of comfort, fit, and advanced performance in load carriage. Padded with closed cell foam and designed to fit to your .

It is the Exceptional version of the Heavy Belt, and is normally found in Nightmare. One piece of gear out there is the patrol belt, also known as a war belt. These belts allow quick access to gear without taking up all the space . Continuous adjustment with a Velcro strap.