Tapping sleeve

NSF and Annex G certified mechanical joint tapping sleeves and crosses to fit most types of pipe, including cast iron, ductile . Pipe tapping sleeves , stainless steel, fabricated steel, ductile iron flange, stainless steel flange, high pressure, wide range. All stainless steel tapping sleeves with full circumferential seal. Used to make a flanged outlet off a main supply line. Ford Ultra-Seal Cap Style Flange Gasket.

Mechanical Joint Adapter Outlet Option.

DescriptionThe sleeve for taps requiring full circumferential seal with high safety factor. Tapping Sleeve Specifications . Strong stainless construction with independent bolting for higher bolt . Designed for hot tapping ductile iron pipe and thick-wall C9plastic pipe, the H- 3fabricated steel tapping sleeve is made from A36 . MAKE BRANCH OUTLET CONNECTION FROM MAIN SUPPLY LINE WITH PATENTED DOUBLE O-RING BRANCH SEAL, FULL CIRCUMFERENTIAL WAFFLE . Our tapping sleeves are quick and easy to install with simple hand tools. No special equipment or caulking or welding is required for installation.

Piping products for the water, wastewater, and industrial markets. Saddle offers a wide range of tapping outlets including size-on-size for copper, steel, and.

References to Technical Specifications: 1. Ductile Iron MJ Solid Sleeve Without Plug, C-153. Sizes 14” and larger Romac does not warranty the performance of its tapping sleeves and HDPE pipe. Pipe must be manufactured in accordance with. The true tapping sleeve design of this sleeve incorporates . We manufacture tapping sleeves to incorporate any individual requirements. Contractor shall determine the outside diameter and type of pipe.

Material Specifications for. City of Milwaukee Specification No. Nobody expects more from us than we do. Save time and streamline inventory with these high performance tapping sleeves.

Their double-range body accommodates a wide range of pipe sizes and . Valves and Sleeves for Mains. ALL JOINTS AND LIFT HOLES IN CHAMBER. SECTIONS TO BE FILLED WITH MORTAR.

AND POINTED BEFORE BACKFILLING. Make sure that the plastic washer goes on. H-306HP fabricated steel tapping sleeve.